From auto-scrap to art: Tunisian artist creates sculptures from car parts

Artist and his team create monumental human and animal sculptures in steampunk style

From towering giraffes to metallic mermaids that look like they belong on a sci-fi film set – Mohamed Al Sharaiti transforms scrap materials into sculptural art.

Working in the Tunisian coastal town of Nabeul, the artist aged 53, along with a group of other art makers uses spare parts of cars to manufacture large-scale sculptures.

Among Al Sharaiti’s eye-catching creations is a rearing horse comprised of discarded spokes, hubs and metal bars.

His process begins by cleaning the scraps before assembling the works, which often borrow from the steampunk aesthetic. Once put together, he gets rid of oils, impurities and dirt by burning the sculpture with fire. He then turns to the painting process, catering to customers’ specific requests. Other times, he leaves the works unpainted, highlighting the elements of machinery and emphasising the sculpture’s industrial look.

In his workshop, Al Sharaiti is surrounded by a number of ongoing projects, including a life-size astronaut. He is also continuing work on a bull sculpture and a monumental gorilla-like monster with fangs.

Updated: September 18th 2021, 9:47 AM