Aishwarya Rai, Mona Zaki and Aseel Omran to speak at L'Oreal's Expo 2020 Dubai event

The spokespeople will attend a training programme called Stand Up Against Street Harassment

Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will be joined by Saudi Arabian singer Aseel Omran, Egyptian actress Mona Zaki and How to Get Away with Murder star Aja Naomi King, as they hold a training session for Stand Up Against Street Harassment at Expo 2020 Dubai on Tuesday.

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The training programme, designed to help prevent street harassment and build safe, inclusive spaces, is a joint project between beauty company L'Oreal and NGO Hollaback!. While programmes have been held around the world, Tuesday's event will be one the largest yet with "thousands of women and men" expected to attend, L'Oreal said.

The free-to-attend event at Expo 2020's Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre will also be streamed online.

Tuesday's session is the second of three major events L'Oreal has planned for Stand Up this year. The first one, on Tuesday, September 29, featured a projection on the Burj Khalifa, which invited everyone to attend Stand Up Against Street Harassment events.

A third training session, to be hosted by L’Oreal spokesperson and Hollywood actress Eva Longoria along with regional celebrities, will also be held at Expo 2020 Dubai on Sunday, December 12.

L'Oreal on Sunday celebrated 50 years since it launched its famous slogan "Because you're worth it" with a star-studded fashion show at Parvis des Droits de L’Homme, or Paved Forecourt of Human Rights, on the sidelines of the Paris Fashion Week.

Rai Bachchan and King walked the catwalk along with their fellow spokespeople including Helen Mirren, Katherine Langford, Camilla Cabello, Soo Joo Park, Amber Heard and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Clothing was designed by Balmain, Elie Saab, Mugler and Issey Miyake, as well as a selection of emerging houses such as Koche and Ester Manas.

The show was dedicated to women's empowerment and supported Stand up Against Street Harassment.

“I think it's a blessed moment that we're all here again together celebrating women … giving a shout-out to women and empowerment, L'Oreal celebrating 50 years of 'I'm Worth It', and all of us here together feeling strong, feeling positive, and looking at life ahead,” said Rai Bachchan.

The Stand Up Against Street Harassment training programme at Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre will start at 7.30pm on Tuesday, October 5. Entry is free for all Expo 2020 Dubai ticket holders. The event will also be livestreamed here.

Scroll through the gallery below for images from the L'Oreal Paris Fashion Week show:

Updated: October 5th 2021, 1:15 PM