UK charity watchdog launches inquiry into British school operating in Egypt

School in Alexandria provides primary and secondary education based on English National Curriculum

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The UK's charity watchdog has launched an inquiry into a British school operating in Egypt.

The Charity Commission is investigating the British School of Alexandria, which provides primary and secondary education based on the English National Curriculum to the local community.

The school previously became the subject of an inquiry after it failed to meet statutory reporting requirements for two or more years in the past five years.

“The trustees have failed to comply with an Order of the Commission issued in September 2021 to provide the accounts for the financial years ending 2019 and 2020,” the agency said in a statement.

Following the school's failure to comply with the order, the commission has opened a new inquiry.

“It will examine the extent to which the trustees have and are complying with their legal duties in respect of the administration, governance and management of the charity, with regard to the composition of the trustee board, the management of the charity’s finances and whether the charity is operating in line with its objects,” the agency said.

“[Also], the extent to which any failing or weaknesses in the administration, governance and management of the charity identified during the inquiry were the result of misconduct and/or mismanagement by the trustees.”

It said the commission may extend the scope of the inquiry if additional regulatory issues surface.

The latest figures show the charity employs more than 150 staff and generates £3 million a year.

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