‘My parrot destroyed it’: Bizarre reasons UK drivers give for new vehicle documents

More than 300,000 British motorists applied for replacement certificates in the past year

A driver who claimed a pet parrot had destroyed a vehicle registration certificate was one of the most bizarre reasons provided for needing a new document.

Others who reported damaged or disappeared papers included a person who said theirs had blown out the window while they were driving and another who said they had left it in their trousers pocket and it ended up going through the wash.

The UK government’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has revealed the most outlandish explanations motorists gave on their forms to reapply for a replacement V5C document.

Since the launch of its online service a year ago, more than 300,000 people have applied for a second copy, for a variety of reasons.

One young driver said they had left the certificate at a hotel in the Gobi Desert, which spans China and Mongolia, during a gap-year road trip.

Another claimed to have been given a car as a birthday gift by a loved one who creatively wrapped the keys in the V5C only for it to be mistaken for wrapping paper and torn open.

A parent said a child had used the piece of paper to cover a school book while an older driver said their grandchild took the certificate outside to play and ended up burying it in the mud.

Other examples included the classic “my dog ate it” excuse.

Julie Lennard, chief executive of the DVLA, said after filling in an application, which includes giving a reason, drivers can expect to receive a replacement within days.

“Our online service to replace a V5C is quick and easy to use and means customers will receive their replacement vehicle registration certificate within the week.

“So whether you misplaced your V5C, it’s being digested by your pet or your kids have used it for arts and crafts – the quickest way to get a replacement is on www.gov.uk.”

Updated: September 30th 2021, 10:13 AM