Barack Obama arrives for jury duty in Chicago

The former president was later dismissed by Cook County chief judge Timothy Evans

Former President Barack Obama arrives for jury duty in the Daley Center on Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017, in Chicago. Obama is in line to be paid the same $17.20 a day that others receive for reporting for jury duty. (Kevin Tanaka/Sun Times via AP)
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Former president Barack Obama arrived at a courthouse in downtown Chicago on Wednesday to report for jury duty.

Greeted by fans and photographers who had heard the 44th president of the United States was expected to make an appearance at the Richard J. Daley Center, Mr Obama was later dismissed by Cook County chief judge, Timothy Evans.


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Looking in good spirits dressed in a dark sport jacket with no tie, the 56-year-old waved to the crowds who were pressed up against the door of the courthouse to catch a glimpse of him.

Local reports said members of the secret service had arrived at the courthouse in anticipation of Mr Obama’s visit.

Mr Obama is not the first former president to be summoned for jury duty. Former president Bill Clinton was called to a federal court in New York City in 2003, while former president George W Bush arrived in Dallas ready to serve in 2015. Neither were asked to sit on a jury.

Had he been selected, Mr Obama would have been entitled to the $17.20 (Dh63.18) a day, jurors are paid for performing their civic duty.