Yemen National Dialogue Conference participants

Some of the 565 delegates at the National Dialogue Conference will be from the following parties.

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General People's Congress Chaired by Ali Abdullah Saleh, the ousted president, it remains the largest political party and holds a majority in parliament. President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi is deputy leader. It has 112 seats at the conference.

Southern Movement A coalition of southern separatists and federalists, has 85 seats. A radical faction, led by the exiled former president of South Yemen, Ali Salem Al Baid, and which demands full independence for the south, is boycotting the talks.

Al Islah An Islamist party, which is Yemen's second largest in parliament. At the dialogue, it holds 50 seats.

Independent youth groups The main engines behind the 2011 uprising that ousted Mr Saleh. It will have 40 representatives. Women's organisations and civil society groups hold the same number of seats.

Yemeni Socialist Party The rulers of the formerly independent South Yemen and which has seven MPs, has 37 seats.

The Houthis The Zaidi Shiite rebels led by Abdel Malek Al Houthi have srtaged repeated uprisings in the far north of the country since 2004, has 35 seats.

Unionist Popular Nasserite Organisation A party with three MPs will be represented by 30 seats at the conference.

Five other smaller parties, including the Arab nationalist Al Baath, hold 20 seats at the conference.

Two newly-formed parties, the hardline Islamist Al Rashad party and the liberal Justice and Construction (JCP), will have seven seats each.

Remaining seats Mr Hadi will assign the remaining 62 seats to tribal dignitaries, religious leaders and representatives of religious minorities including Jews.