Hezbollah politician offers resignation after shooting claims

Prominent Hezbollah MP Nawaf Al Moussawi was involved in a violent altercation between his daughter and her former husband

Lebanese politician Nawaf Al Moussawi. NNA
Lebanese politician Nawaf Al Moussawi. NNA

A Hezbollah member of the Lebanese Parliament has offered his resignation after a shooting at a police station in which he was said to be involved.

Nawaf Al Moussawi submitted his resignation to Parliamentary Speaker Nabih Berri Thursday, days after the incident, Hezbollah said.

A leaked police report said Mr Al Moussawi and a dozen gunmen tried to storm the station where his daughter and her former husband had been taken after a high-speed car chase.

The report said that after his group was denied entry a shot was fired, hitting his former son-in-law in the wrist. Mr Al Moussawi denied firing the shot.

The dispute was apparently over child visitation rights, a row that had been dominating local media.

This year, Hezbollah suspended Mr Al Moussawi’s political activities because of a public dispute with rival politicians in Parliament.

It was not clear whether Mr Berri, a Hezbollah ally, would accept the resignation.

Updated: July 18, 2019 11:27 PM


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