Beyond the Headlines podcast: Life in Afghanistan during America's longest war

Afghans are trying to rebuild their country as peace talks between the US, the Taliban and Kabul are in the works

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Eighteen years after the US invasion of Afghanistan, the conflict has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and cost hundreds of trillions of dollars. As a military solution seems more distant than ever, a diplomatic answer may be brewing.

Washington, which has long insisted that peace talks take place between the Afghan government and the Taliban, has taken a seat at the negotiation table, but intra-Afghan talks between Kabul and the Taliban have yet to take place.

As diplomatic efforts develop, Afghans are trying to get on with their lives and rebuild a country that has been wracked by decades of violence.

This week on Beyond the Headlines, host James Haines-Young speaks with Stefanie Glinski who is currently reporting for The National in Afghanistan. International Crisis Group's Graeme Smith also joins the episode to talk about peace talk efforts.

Listen to last week's episode:

Updated: June 13, 2019 11:32 AM


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