Beyond the Headlines Podcast: Assad crosses Washington's red line again

The US launched airstrikes on Syria this week, sparking polarizing reactions from the international community. The US-led airstrikes targeted a factory believed to be the source of a Syrian regime chemical weapons attack last week.  The chemical weapons attack, which was denied by both Russia and the Syrian regime, killed dozens.

Chemical weapons experts have been blocked from the Syrian attack site by regime forces, reinforcing claims that longstanding President Bashar Al Assad was responsible. But, with so many powers involved in the country, the question of who was involved remains.

The attacks this week provide a window to better understand the various actors in the country, and try to set straight the strings of convoluted allegiances in an unrelenting war.

This week, we’re joined by Lina Sinjab is the BBC’s Middle East Correspondent, from Beirut. She has spent several years covering the region and provided numerous insights into the Syrian war since it began in 2011.

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