Inside Shatila: Life in Lebanon’s most infamous Palestinian refugee camp

In the Palestinian refugee camp of Shatila, tens of thousands of people are confined to an area less than 1 square kilometre in size. One of the only open spaces in the camp is a dirt yard outside the Children and Youth Centre (CYC). At the bottom of this photo, taken on December 8, 2015, it is just possible to make out children playing football in the yard with a rusty metal wood burner. Courtesy Tomas Jivanda

"Shatila is famous but unfortunately with the blood. And with pain, with suffering. With depression, with frustration."
In this week's episode, The National's Laura Mackenzie talks to Abu Moujahed, a longtime resident of Shatila and director of the camp's Children and Youth Centre, an NGO that provides education and recreational activities for six to 18 year olds.