UAE supports global efforts to end pandemic, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid tells G20

The Vice President and Ruler of Dubai praised Saudi Arabia for its work to co-ordinate global efforts against Covid-19

The UAE will support global efforts to overcome common challenges, including the worldwide push for ways to end the Covid-19 pandemic, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, told G20 leaders on Saturday.

As chair of the GCC, Saudi Arabia invited the UAE to take part in the global summit of the world’s largest economies and global organisations.

“The UAE will continue to support all joint international initiatives ... and all policies and projects that guarantee to build a sustainable future for future generations,” Sheikh Mohammed said.

"The pandemic that the world is facing today highlighted the role played by the G20 as an economic platform around which the world unites to confront and overcome common challenges, and through which it discusses ways to seize the most important opportunities available to countries and governments and benefit from them for a better future for peoples and the world. The danger today targets everyone around the world."

Sheikh Mohammed said it was vital that the world overcome the pandemic as quickly as possible to minimise losses but also to achieve the required growth and recovery across sectors and to address its health, economic and social repercussions.

He echoed calls by Saudi monarch King Salman to ensure that vaccines are available to all people regardless of wealth or location, saying: “The UAE supports the G20 initiatives aimed at strengthening the capabilities of poor countries to face the current crisis.”

The G20 has also looked at debt forgiveness or extra credit for developing nations hit hard by the pandemic.

The Ruler of Dubai added that the UAE has been, since the beginning of the current Covid-19 crisis, playing an effective and major role in supporting international efforts to address the pandemic and contribute to various aspects of international co-operation to deal with the virus.

He said the repercussions of the crisis had hit all countries around the world without exception.

Sheikh Mohammed praised the efforts of Saudi Arabia in managing the summit's work and for supporting international efforts to address the challenges facing the world.