First glimpse at ‘underwhelming’ new £2.6m Downing Street media centre

Internet awash with users mocking British government for meme-friendly blue walls

The UK's Conservative government spent about £2.6 million ($3.6m) refurbishing a press room that left critics decidedly underwhelmed.
The new media centre, apparently inspired by the White House press room in Washington, appears to consist of a fresh coat of paint, new flags and blue banners.

Despite the name of ‘No.10 Downing Street media centre’, it is located next door at No.9 from where the government will announce and defend policy.

Political rivals and internet wits were quick to mock the costly but meme-friendly blue walls.

“We were expecting something a bit more impressive,” the main opposition Labour Party said.

In the centre of the stage area four Union flags surround a podium.

Behind it are patches of blue banners that form a dream design for internet meme creators.

“I can’t believe something with a blue screen got past whatever committee approved it! The internet is going to thank them for years to come,” said a Conservative party aide.

In the age of coronavirus, the Downing Street virtual news conference is now a familiar part of the political day.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson's office said the new media centre would host a daily, televised question-and-answer session with his representatives, although no start date was given.

Last week, the UK’s Press Association news agency revealed the overhaul had cost £2,607,767.

That includes £1,848,695 for the “main works”, £198,023 on “long lead items”, and £33,394 on broadband kit.