Air Canada plane makes emergency landing in Madrid

The aircraft landed safely after burning off fuel

A Boeing 767 aircraft flown by Air Canada makes an emergency landing at Madrid's Barajas Airport, in Madrid, Spain February 3, 2020. REUTERS/Juan Medina

An Air Canada Boeing 767 aircraft with 128 passengers on board has made a safe emergency landing at Madrid Airport.

The Toronto-bound flight AC837 had departed from the Spanish capital in the early afternoon on Monday but had to request an emergency return after one of its two engines was damaged and a tyre ruptured during take off.

Video footage showed the plane landing and fire engines rushing to the runway, but no signs of sparks or fire.

The aeroplane dumped fuel before it landed, said officials. Earlier in the day a drone sighting had caused disruption at the airport, with 26 flights being diverted from the airport.