Beyond the Headlines: What more can we do to curb climate change?

Following this week's COP24 deal, we evaluate where the GCC and the rest of the world are on the issue of global warming

The GCC has welcomed the rule book laid out as part of a COP24 deal struck in Poland, but scientists say the world is running out of time to avoid the catastrophic events brought about by unmitigated global warming.

How can the region do more? Climate experts explain on this episode of Beyond the Headlines.

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We hear from Dr Deepthi Mittal, a program leader of the World Wildlife Fund in the UAE. She has urged governments to heed the call by scientists warning that current commitments are not enough.

We also speak with Tanzeed Alam, managing director of Earth Matters Consultancy, who explains the challenges ahead for governments in the GCC as they look to break away from their fossil-fuel based economies.


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