Indian Prime Minister Modi's personal Twitter account 'briefly compromised'

Social media company corrected the issue but it is unknown how long the account was affected

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has more than 73 million followers on Twitter. EPA

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi's personal Twitter handle was “very briefly compromised,” the Prime Minister's Office said in a tweet early on Sunday.

The matter was escalated to Twitter and Mr Modi's personal Twitter handle @narendramodi was immediately secured, PMO India's tweet said.

It said any tweets shared during the brief period when the account was compromised should be ignored.

The office did not say how long the personal Twitter handle of Mr Modi, which has more than 73 million followers, was compromised.

Twitter took the necessary steps to secure the compromised account as soon as it became aware of the activity, a Twitter official told Reuters, adding an investigation revealed no signs of any other affected accounts at present.

A similar incident occurred with the Twitter handle of Modi's personal website @narendramodi_in in September 2020, with a series of tweets asking followers to donate to a relief fund through cryptocurrency.

Updated: December 12th 2021, 5:26 AM