YouTube removes video highlighting Al Jazeera extremist coverage - then reinstates it

The video was released two weeks ago by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs when it delivered a letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights detailing concerns about the Qatari broadcaster’s output.

20170713 Al Jazeera

20170713 Al Jazeera
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YouTube has reinstated a video which highlights examples of Al Jazeera news network promoting extremist ideologies - after taking it down apparently at the behest of one of the broadcaster's employees

The video was released two weeks ago by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs when it delivered a letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights detailing concerns about the Qatari broadcaster's output.

It highlights the way Al Jazeera has become a platform for extremists like the leader of Jabhat Al Nusra, Mohammed Al Jolani, and other figures affiliated with Al Qaeda who have been interviewed by the broadcaster or given airtime. It also shows a poll conducted in May 2015 which concluded “that 80 per cent of its viewers expressed support for ISIL”. The video had been viewed more than 135,000 before being taken down and was widely reported on.


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Yassine Bouzaidi, who is listed as a producer on Al Jazeera English, registered a copyright claim and YouTube subsequently took the video down - until the decision was made last night to make it available again.

YouTube abides by a doctrine of fair use which governs when it is deemed acceptable to use copyrighted material in a video. But the UAE understands that the material used in the video does not breach the rules, as these were readily available videos broadcast by Al Jazeera.

The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt cut ties with Qatar on June 5, stating their frustration with Doha for its failure to cut its ties with extremist elements and interfering in the domestic affairs of the four countries.

They have called on Qatar to abide by 13 requirements shortly afterwards, to show its good will and avoid any support to extremists, including closing down Al Jazeera.

YouTube was not immediately available for comment to The National.