Winking prostitute lures man as another steals nearly Dh50,000 from him, Dubai court hears

Pakistani man was due to send money to his homeland for his boss but was distracted by winking Ugandan prostitute, who lured him into her apartment.

DUBAI // A prostitute had sex with a man while her colleague stole Dh47,000 from him, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Sunday.

Prosecutors told judges that on March 8 one woman lured the Pakistani salesman, 28, into her apartment while the other stole his money.

The Ugandans, both 26, were charged with prostitution and theft. The salesman was charged with having sex outside of wedlock.

Both women confessed to working as prostitutes but one of them denied the theft. The other confessed.

The man was not present in court to enter a plea but he had told prosecutors that he worked for a company in Al Satwa and was sent by his manager to transfer the money to Pakistan.

However, he took a detour after one of the women winked at him.

“I knew she was a prostitute, so I asked her for sex and we agreed on Dh20 then went to her apartment nearby and had sex,” the man said.

When he left, the money was missing. He thought he had dropped it on the bed so returned to the apartment but no one was there.

He called the police, who arrested all three of them.

A verdict is due on May 11.

Published: May 1, 2016 04:00 AM