Video captures pupils wrecking classroom in 'uncontrolled attack'

Damage to school property will be paid for by the parents, says Ministry of Education

School pupils were filmed damaging their classroom in a video that was shared on social media. Courtesy Ministry of Education
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The Ministry of Education has called for a greater sense of responsibility in the treatment of school property after a video showing a group of pupils wrecking a classroom was shared on social media on Sunday.

The video shows pupils throwing chairs, tables and electronic devices such as an overhead projector on the ground and laughing. The Ministry of Education has condemned the behaviour.
It said on social media that the actions of pupils in the video was unacceptable and did not represent society or the country's schools.

"Deterrent measures will be taken and parents will be obligated to cover the damage expenses caused by their children, as per the rules and regulations," the Ministry said in a statement.
It described the incident as an uncontrolled attack on public ‎property, and called for a greater sense of responsibility, discipline, commitment and preservation towards schools, as they serve the whole community. ‎