UAE weather: More cloud and rain on the way

Strong winds will affect visibility in some areas

Abu Dhabi, UAE, February 28, 2018.   
Abu Dhabi Rain along the E10 Highway right before the Sheikh Zayed Bridge.
Victor Besa / The National
For Jake Badger

There's another day of cloudy skies ahead, with rain expected over the northern emirates and in the west over the weekend.

Winds will reach up to 40kph on the coast and 32kph in the interior, blowing sand and reducing visibility in some areas.

Seas will be rough in the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman throughout the weekend.

Temperatures will reach up to 29°C on the coast with lows down to 17°C. In the interior, it could reach up to 33°C with lows of 13°C. Humidity will reach up to 90 per cent on the coast and 85 per cent in the interior.

Rain fell in a number of areas of the country yesterday, particularly in the mountainous north where videos provided by the National Centre of Meteorology showed flooded wadis.


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