Police crackdown on dangerous driving in Northern Emirates

Sharjah Police said that four people died and 16 sustained injuries during the Eid Al Adha holiday.

SHARJAH // Police in the Northern Emirates have been cracking down on motorists flouting traffic laws to limit the amount of accidents and fatalities on its roads.

Sharjah Police said four people died and 16 sustained injuries during the Eid Al Adha holiday, while in Ras Al Khaimah police registered nine severe accidents and 346 minor ones.

Ajman Police said only one per cent of accidents during Eid were severe, however, they did not release the number of incidents, though officials did say there were no fatalities and only minor to moderate injuries were sustained.

Col Khalid Al Kai, of Sharjah traffic police, said the fatalities and injuries during the holiday were a result of sudden swerving and excessive speeding.

Meanwhile, traffic police in Sharjah and RAK have this month been carrying out awareness campaigns to curb the number of fatalities on roads.

Earlier this month, Sharjah Police registered 347 traffic offences in one week on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road.

Offences included motorists driving on hard shoulders, obstructing traffic, speeding and not staying in lanes. Other offences included reckless driving and endangering the lives of other motorists.

Lt Saoud Al Shiba, from the traffic awareness department in Sharjah, said that despite constant awareness campaigns, motorists continue to commit offences.

“We have been disclosing some of the mobile radar locations to the public in the name of transparency and to deliver a message that radars are not for collecting fines but about saving lives,” he said. “Nonetheless, people just keep violating the traffic laws and endangering the lives of others.

“Some motorists memorise radar locations and lower their speeds before they reach it and they push on the gas pedal and exceed the speed limit after they pass them.”

He said the number of fatalities on Sharjah’s roads have decreased significantly year on year. “We will continue with awareness campaigns to make our roads safer,” said Lt Al Shiba.

Meanwhile in RAK, an inspection campaign that kicked off this month resulted in 1,583 traffic fines for motorists. Traffic police impounded 83 cars, according to Maj Mohammed Bu Rguiba.

“The aim of these campaigns is to limit the number of accidents and fatalities on the roads and raise the awareness of motorists, and we will continue until we reach our goals,” he said, adding that the campaign will continue for two months across the emirate.


Published: September 20, 2016 04:00 AM


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