Larger roundabout installed in Hatta

Dubai's RTA responds to complaints with Dh1.7 million bigger roundabout.

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A larger roundabout has been built in Hatta at a cost of Dh1.7 million after complaints from residents.

Maitha bin Udai, chief executive of Traffic and Roads Corporation for the RTA, said the corporation received numerous complaints from residents that the Shaabiyat Hatta roundabout was too small, so it was expanded to allow for the passage of trucks and heavy vehicles.

Ms Bin Udai said that the main road in Shaabiyat Hatta is a branch of the Hatta-Oman Road, a single road that intersects at a T-junction that leads to Hatta hospital.

A new service road to the new villas in Shaabiyat Hatta was also built, at a cost of Dh300,000.