Time running out for perilously placed cats

Two strays have become stuck 15 metres off the ground in the side of New York University

Two cats have become stuck in the New York University building in Abu Dhabi, 15 metres off the ground
Two cats have become stuck in the New York University building in Abu Dhabi, 15 metres off the ground

Cats can get stuck in the most awkward places. Two young cats who were a bit too adventurous for their own good have served up a headache to animal welfare volunteers in Abu Dhabi after getting caught up in the New York University building on Saadiyat Island, 15 metres in the air.

Both of the animals, who are strays being fed on the university’s feeding and welfare station, look to have used up at least one of their nine lives, and have been stuck in the building for the last ten days.

An aerial work platform, or ‘cherry picker’ type vehicle, has been offered by maintenance contractors at the university, Serco, but the cats still remain out of reach.

Food has been sent up to the animals every day, but they are unlikely to survive if they try to drop down from their precarious ledge where they have made home.

Volunteers from Animal Welfare Abu Dhabi, who operate the feeding station on site, are appealing for help from nearby construction companies who may be offer some kind of solution to help bring the cats down to earth safely.

Dr Susan Aylott, one of the volunteers, said time is running out for the cats.

“We think they have been up there for a while, and we’ve no idea how or why they managed to get stuck up so high,” she said.

“We’ve tried to coax them down with food, but they are too scared to come down. A box has been attached to the side of the building to offer them food, but we think they will soon get desperate and try to jump down, which could be fatal.”


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Volunteers are appealing for a big piece of material that could be used to catch the cats, or a long funnel used to dispose of construction material from building sites that could be used to help remove the cats.

To help out, contact Dr Aylott on 050 111 4987.

Updated: December 9, 2017 02:37 PM


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