Sheikh Mohammed offers treatment to Saudi girl anywhere in world

Teenager Noura suffers from a chronic and life-threatening case of bone curvature.

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Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed has offered to assume all expenses for the treatment of a Saudi teenager, Noura, who suffers from a chronic and life-threatening case of bone curvature, according to the Saudi Arabian newspaper Sabq.

Sheikh Mohammed had read about the girl's case and her family's call for help in the daily newspaper last August and ordered that she be transferred to any health facility her family chooses anywhere in the world and offered to pay all expenses for her transport, stay and treatment.

Upon his directives, Noura was admitted into Wellington Hospital in London. Representatives from the UAE Embassy in London greeted her and her family at the airport on arrival and provided an ambulance to transport them to hospital.

Noura's brother said: "We can't thank Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed enough. As soon as Sabq published Noura's story last Shaaban, we received a call from Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed's bureau offering to pay all her medical expenses at any medical facility the family may choose."

Sheikh Mohammed will continue to pay for any medical treatment the girl may require after she returns to Saudi.