Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid calls on Emiratis to raise flags to honour their leaders

The Vice President called on Emiratis across the country to raise the UAE flag on November 3, to honour the day Sheikh Khalifa became President.

Three women who work at the women’s society school for adults in Umm al Quwain prepare for Flag Day. Jaime Puebla / The National
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ABU DHABI // Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, has called upon Emiratis to celebrate Flag Day on November 3.

Sheikh Mohammed tweeted to his 3.26 million followers to raise the nation’s flag on homes and other structures at noon.

November 3, 2004, marks the day Sheikh Khalifa became President of the UAE.

Sheikh Mohammed said the campaign will send a unified message to all.

He tweeted: “We will raise it to send a unified message, that we are not emirates, we are the United Arab Emirates.”

He urged nationals to raise the flag high and to share the celebration, and to plant it in the hearts of the coming generations.

“The UAE flag is a symbol of our unity and the union of our hearts, it is the source of our pride and symbol of respect to our country. We renew our allegiance on serving it and to sacrifice our souls for it,” he tweeted.

“Our flag will remain high, and the heightened glory and strength of the sons of the Emiratis.”

The campaign was initiated by Sheikh Mohammed last year, and Emiratis have been looking forward to it.

Fatima Al Baloushi, 28, said her children painted their own flags last year to hang all over the house.

This year, the family custom-tailored a giant flag to drape over their house.

“My children embrace this day, they look forward to it and it gives us a chance, as a family, to plan the coming National Day celebrations as well,” she said.

Her children, Sara, 6, and Zayed, 5, also take part in the hanging of the flag with their father and uncles, Ms Al Baloushi said. This will give them the bond they require with their family, and also explain to them the meaning of a union.

“I love that it is like Eid. The kids are happy and so are the adults. They all join in making our house look beautiful with the colours of the flag.”

Ahmed Al Shamsi, 41, said his children will take the opportunity to “transform the house”.

“When I told them the news, they were excited and asked for many supplies. They want the house to turn into a museum,” said the father of five.

He said such an initiative by the leadership only shows the strong bond they have with the members of the public.

“It truly means we are unified, and we are one. We are lucky to have such leadership, who push us to celebrate their achievements with them,” he said.

Mohmmed bin Asheer Ali Al Mazrouei, an Emirati who lives in the Western Region, is preparing to celebrate flag day by raising a 125 metre-high flag post, which he says is the tallest in the country.

The post will be placed at the Al Gweifat border post on the western entry to the country from Saudi Arabia.

Mr Al Mazrouei said: “I am happy to take part in initiatives that give citizens the opportunity to express their devotion to the country.”

Another Emirati, Mansour Murad from Al Ain, plans to take the Emirati flag on a land tour around the world.

Leaving on December 2, he plans to drive a car equipped with a flag post on a tour of the US, Japan and Europe.

He will be visiting cultural centres and culture ministries, where he will offer books explaining the heritage of the UAE.