Sharjah cat and dog home makes public plea

The Sharjah Cat and Dog shelter needs more people to come forward and adopt, as it struggles to keep up with the numbers of animals being handed in each day.

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SHARJAH // A Sharjah cat and dog shelter is asking more people to adopt its animals as it struggles to keep up with the number of strays.

An average of 14 animals are taken in by the shelter on daily basis while it rehomes 15 a week, said Briton Emma Smith, director at the Sharjah Cat and Dog Shelter.

The refuge can accommodate up to 60 dogs and 60 cats. However, it is over capacity.

“The shelter is overcrowded and, unfortunately, animals that are not adopted will be euthanised,” Mrs Smith said.

“It is sad, but that’s the reality. We are restricted by the space. However, we look at the positive side of this. We try to find homes for all the animals that we shelter.

“The sad part is that most people think of this as a dumping ground for their pets. We want more people to think of this as a place for adopting animals,” she said.

The shelter staff, with the help of volunteers, also try to rehabilitate and socialise dogs to help them become more friendly and more likely to be rehomed.

Adrienn Krasznai, a vet at the shelter, said that they perform an average of 10 to 15 spaying and neutering operations per day as part of its “trap, neuter, return” programme.

People looking into adopting an animal from the shelter will be screened by the staff to make sure that animal will be placed in a loving and caring home.

“If we find that the individuals won’t be able to provide a good home, we refuse to give them the animal,” said Mrs Smith.

Sharjah Cat and Dog Shelter was established in 2010 under the umbrella of Sharjah Municipality by a decree of Dr Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah.