Sergeant who made himself a major jailed

An officer is sentenced to a year in prison for illegally promoting himself from sergeant to major.

ABU DHABI // A police officer who used the Ministry of Interior's computer system to promote himself twice was sentenced to a year in prison.

He must also pay the department back Dh273,000, which is the difference in pay that he collected with his fake rank compared with that of his actual status.

The Criminal Court of First Instance ruled that AJ, an Emirati, used the ministry's computer system to promote himself from a sergeant to a captain, a jump of six ranks.

For about a year, he enjoyed the extra benefits and salary of a captain, and was caught only after he entered the system again and promoted himself to a major.

His promotion aroused suspicions because there should be at least a four-year gap between the two ranks.

Published: October 12, 2011 04:00 AM