Salesmen who broke customer's nose to see out jail sentences

The two men lost their appeals after being sentences to three months in prison for assaulting a customer.

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Two salesmen will see out their jail terms for breaking the nose of a customer who wanted to replace an abaya bought from their shop.
The customer, 37, was returning the garment to their shop at Naif Market on December 21 last year but got into an argument with the salesmen, who said the item had not been purchased there.
"I returned to the shop where the two men work and we argued regarding the abaya that I bought and wanted to replace," said the customer, an Egyptian driver. "Then the argument escalated and they attacked me."
The Afghan and Pakistani defendants, aged 25 and 36, were convicted of physically assaulting the customer by punching him in the face and breaking his nose.
A security guard at Naif Market told the court he saw the men arguing.
"The salesmen insisted that the abaya was not from their shop, then the customer got furious and insulted the salesmen and threw the clothes in the shop on the floor, after which they engaged in a fight," said the Egyptian security guard, 39.
The pair denied assault charges at Dubai Criminal and Appeal Courts and said they had acted in self-defence after the customer insulted them then used a metal bar to attack them.
The pair lost their appeal and will be deported after serving their three-month jail terms.