Rate of serious crime in Ajman drops

Maj Gen Sheikh Sultan Al Nuaimi, commander-in-chief of Ajman Police, said the overall crime rate had increased despite the drop in cases of serious crime

The rate of serious crime in Ajman fell by 16 per cent last year but the overall crime rate increased, police said.
Maj Gen Sheikh Sultan Al Nuaimi, commander-in-chief of Ajman Police, said the 55 more crimes registered last year from 7,432 in 2016 were made up of bounced cheque cases.
"60 per cent of all crimes registered in the emirate last year were bounced cheques cases," said Maj Gen Al Nuaimi.

He said the rise could be partially attributed to the introduction of the Smart Cheque mobile phone app that made it easier for the public to lodge complaints.
Reports of bad cheques from all public institutions in Ajman and some private companies are now exclusively registered through Smart Cheque.
According to Maj Gen Al Nuaimi, serious crimes - which include 15 types of crimes such as murder, assault, burglary and rape - dropped by 16 per cent from 599 in 2016 to 499 last year.
"Serious crimes are divided into crimes on money, which declined from 5,833 in 2016 to 5,804 last year, and crimes on people, which dropped from 757 to 706."
He said the Ministry of Interior's statistics showed that despite the increase in crime, public satisfaction is at 92 per cent with 98 per cent of people reporting feeling safer in 2017.
"We dedicated police patrols to residential areas nine months ago which contributed to bringing the number of serious crimes down.

"Among the other reasons that helped achieve this decline in serious crime was moving 50 per cent of our services online and responding to emergency reports faster with an average of ten minutes, but next year we are aiming to bring that down to eight minutes," he said.
By the end of February, a total of 700 surveillance cameras will be watching the emirate with 50 new ones installed in Al Manama area and 60 in Masfout.