Bal Junio, a finance and administration manager in Abu Dhabi, who is also one of the trainers, says  there is a growing awareness among Filipinos of the need to manage their hard-earned money. Fatima Al Marzooqi / The National
Bal Junio, a finance and administration manager in Abu Dhabi, who is also one of the trainers, says there is a growing awareness among Filipinos of the need to manage their hard-earned money. Fatima Show more

Programme has UAE Filipinos managing their money

ABU DHABI // A campaign in the Philippines to teach migrants how to better manage their money has reached more than 1,000 Filipinos and their families in the UAE since 2011.

"We aim to cover more Filipinos in this country," said Grace Princesa, the Philippines ambassador to the UAE, who initiated the financial literacy programme before passing it to the Government to administer.

The Ministry of Labour has been supportive of financial education for migrants. It ran a "training of trainers" event in Dubai in January 2011 for migrants from the Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Atikha, a non-government organisation that provides economic and social services to overseas workers and their families in the Philippines, developed a training module applicable to all nationalities.

Of the more than 600,000 Filipinos who live and work in the UAE, 1,016 have attended 30 financial literacy workshops, seminars and "training of trainers" events.

"The programme will help ease their reintegration in the Philippines and become growth drivers of our country," Ms Princesa said.

Topics include the basic concepts of saving, investing and borrowing, and various means of investing.

"We continue to hold the seminars and workshops every third Friday of the month in Abu Dhabi, while there are separate sessions organised in Dubai," Ms Princesa said.

One of the trainers, Bal Junio, 44, a finance and administration manager in Abu Dhabi, said there was a growing awareness among Filipinos of the need to manage their hard-earned money.

He was a participant in the training of trainers event in 2011 and has since trained compatriots on the basic concepts of saving, investing, borrowing and investments.

"Many now recognise the ideal approach, which is to save before you spend, recognise your needs versus your wants, write your budget and stick to your financial plan," he said.

"They would like to learn more about stocks, mutual funds and managing a business so we're now developing a three-level programme."

The first level will include a seven-hour seminar on saving, budgeting, borrowing, getting out of debt, and the "dreams and despairs of overseas Filipino workers".

In August, participants can attend a five or six-hour discussion on the various investment instruments, which will be the second level. The third level, a five-hour seminar and workshop on starting and managing a business, will be offered in November.

The UAE was chosen as the pilot country of Atikha's Pinoy Wise Movement due to the large number of Filipinos and the support of the Government. It was officially launched in November.

"The UAE has been very supportive of this initiative which is in line with the Aquino government's reintegration programme," Ms Princesa said. "Jobs generated can offer a choice for female migrant workers, especially the household service workers. Migration then becomes a choice rather than a necessity."

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Name: Raha
Started: 2022
Based: Kuwait/Saudi
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Investors: Soor Capital, eWTP Arabia Capital, Aujan Enterprises, Nox Management, Cedar Mundi Ventures
Number of employees: 166

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Company name: Nomad Homes
Started: 2020
Founders: Helen Chen, Damien Drap, and Dan Piehler
Based: UAE and Europe
Industry: PropTech
Funds raised so far: $44m
Investors: Acrew Capital, 01 Advisors, HighSage Ventures, Abstract Ventures, Partech, Precursor Ventures, Potluck Ventures, Knollwood and several undisclosed hedge funds


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• A resurgence of Covid?

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Name: SmartCrowd
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Initial investment: $650,000
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Investment stage: Series A
Investors: Various institutional investors and notable angel investors (500 MENA, Shurooq, Mada, Seedstar, Tricap)


Company name: OneOrder
Started: March 2022
Founders: Tamer Amer and Karim Maurice
Based: Cairo
Number of staff: 82
Investment stage: Series A

Company Profile

Company name: Cargoz
Date started: January 2022
Founders: Premlal Pullisserry and Lijo Antony
Based: Dubai
Number of staff: 30
Investment stage: Seed


6.30pm: Maiden (TB) Dh82,500 (Dirt) 1,200m

7.05pm: Maiden (TB) Dh82,500 (D) 1,900m

7.40pm: Handicap (TB) Dh102,500 (D) 2,000m

8.15pm: Conditions (TB) Dh120,000 (D) 1,600m

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9.25pm: Handicap (TB) Dh87,500 (D) 1,400m


Company name: Almouneer
Started: 2017
Founders: Dr Noha Khater and Rania Kadry
Based: Egypt
Number of staff: 120
Investment: Bootstrapped, with support from Insead and Egyptian government, seed round of
$3.6 million led by Global Ventures


7pm: Wathba Stallions Cup – Handicap (PA) Dh70,000 (Dirt) 1,600m; Winner: RB Kings Bay, Abdul Aziz Al Balushi (jockey), Helal Al Alawi (trainer)

7.30pm: Maiden (PA) Dh 70,000 (D) 1,600m; Winner: AF Ensito, Fernando Jara, Mohamed Daggash

8pm: Maiden (PA) Dh70,000 (D) 1,400m; Winner: AF Sourouh, Tadhg O’Shea, Ernst Oertel

8.30pm: Maiden (PA) Dh70,000 (D) 1,800m; Winner: Baaher, Fabrice Veron, Eric Lemartinel

9pm: Maiden (PA) Dh70,000 (D) 2,000m; Winner: Mootahady, Antonio Fresu, Eric Lemartinel

9.30pm: Handicap (TB) Dh70,000 (D) 2,000m; Winner: Dubai Canal, Tadhg O’Shea, Satish Seemar

10pm: Al Ain Cup – Prestige (PA) Dh100,000 (D) 2,000m; Winner: Harrab, Bernardo Pinheiro, Majed Al Jahouri

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Company: Eco Way
Started: December 2023
Founder: Ivan Kroshnyi
Based: Dubai, UAE
Industry: Electric vehicles
Investors: Bootstrapped with undisclosed funding. Looking to raise funds from outside


Date started: 2020
Founders: Khaldoon Bushnaq and Tariq Seksek
Based: Abu Dhabi Global Market
Sector: HealthTech
Number of staff: 100
Funding to date: $15 million

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