Police to get new forensic science unit

Laboratories will have an open budget for advanced equipment.

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DUBAI // Dubai Police is to build a unit for forensic science and criminology, which will have an open budget for some of the most advanced equipment in the whole Middle East.

"Equipment plays an important role in forensic work, therefore we aim to equip the laboratories with the best of them," said Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Tamim.

The announcement was made at police headquarters yesterday during the signing of the contract between Dubai Police and Al Nabooda construction group, which has been commissioned for the project.

The four-storey building is to be built on more than 36,700 square metres, replacing a building at the Dubai Police headquarters.

It will receive items confiscated by police and will have laboratories for different aspects of criminology, including one for dangerous biological substances and explosives, and workshops to examine vehicles.

The force is aiming to raise the bar in forensic science, said Gen Tamim.

"We are not only about to construct a new building but we are to set a new criteria for our experts and to have professionals with high skills on all aspects," he said.

The building will accommodate 700 employees by 2025.

The force is funding study for 60 officers at university level, including doctorates in criminology, so they can meet the demand of the new laboratories.