PODCAST: UAE in a minute for January 17, 2018

Dr Anwar Gargash has said the UAE’s response to Qatar’s jets intercepting two Emirati civilian aircraft will be "balanced and legal".

Gargash: Response to Qatar intercepting UAE planes will be 'balanced and legal'

In order to curb the number of road accidents and save lives, law professionals are calling upon UAE authorities for more stringent traffic fines and are advocating changes to the value of traffic offences be introduced according to the offender’s income and the severity of the offence committed.

> story coming soon, but read more here: Abu Dhabi road deaths drop by a third as police hand out 4m traffic fines

The bid to take over Newcastle United football club by Amanda Staveley, the Dubai financier, and her firm PCP Capital Partners appears to have run out of time after current owner Mike Ashley rejected overtures from them.

Newcastle owner Ashley says takeover deal with Dubai financier is off