Pepper-spray pair detained in Sharjah

SHARJAH // Two men who allegedly pepper-sprayed an accountant before robbing him of Dh200,000 have been arrested.

The duo are alleged to have carried out the attack in Muweilah after laying in wait for the victim, police said.

Sharjah CID said the attack was carried out after the accountant left his company’s main office with the money in hand.

During investigations, police arrested a taxi driver who is alleged to have links to the robbery.

The man told officers that he planned the robbery along with three other people, with each gang member tasked with a job to allow the robbery to go off without a hitch.

Another person, who worked with the victim, is alleged to have provided the other gang members with information to help them coordinate the attack.

Police said the insider was arrested as he tried to flee the country.

Two of the men confessed to the charges and have been referred to Sharjah Public Prosecution, while another two are still at large.

Col Jihad bin Sahoo, Director of the CID department said vehicles used to transport money, in remote locations, are often targeted by criminals.

CCTV and security should be used to dissuade would-be robbers, he said.

“Companies, especially those that work in Money Exchange, should transport the money during the day, and avoid doing it after nightfall,” he added.

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