New rules for import of cats and dogs into UAE

ABU DHABI // New import rules for dogs and cats will come into force later this year, with 13 breeds of dogs banned from being brought to the country.

Dr Thani Al Zayoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, said the move, which will come into force in October, is to protect against infectious animal diseases and to streamline regulations into one legislative text, making requirements easier to understand.

The decision includes amendments on exiting requirements, according with international standards, to achieve greater protection of the environment and the community from dangerous diseases that can be transmitted by imported animals.

Majid Sultan Al Qassimi, director of the Department of Animal Health and Development at the ministry, said that the regulations will be stringently enforced and if a shipment owner, pet shop or individual does not comply the whole shipment will be returned to the country of origin or destroyed at the expense of the importer, who will also receive a fine of 10 times the value of the import permit.

The breeds of dogs that are banned were not revealed.

Dubai World Cup Carnival card

6.30pm: Al Maktoum Challenge Round-2 Group 1 (PA) US$75,000 (Dirt) 1,900m

7.05pm: Al Rashidiya Group 2 (TB) $250,000 (Turf) 1,800m

7.40pm: Meydan Cup Listed Handicap (TB) $175,000 (T) 2,810m

8.15pm: Handicap (TB) $175,000 (D) 1,600m

8.50pm: Handicap (TB) $135,000 (T) 1,600m

9.25pm: Al Shindagha Sprint Group 3 (TB) $200,000 (D) 1,200m

10pm: Handicap (TB) $135,000 (T) 2,000m

The National selections:

6.30pm - Ziyadd; 7.05pm - Barney Roy; 7.40pm - Dee Ex Bee; 8.15pm - Dubai Legacy; 8.50pm - Good Fortune; 9.25pm - Drafted; 10pm - Simsir

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