Moon bears enjoying life in their new home

Four Asian black bear cubs were rescued from a farm in Korea during a recruitment drive for Dubai Safari

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Four young bears beginning a new life in Dubai Safari epitomize what the city’s latest attraction is trying to achieve.

The four moon bear cubs, or Asian black bears, were rescued from a farm in Korea by the safari park’s technical director Tim Husband, as he scoured the globe for a collection of animals best suited to life at the new purpose built attraction in Dubai.

Rescued from an uncertain future in Korea, and a likely early death – the four bears are now enjoying life in their new surroundings, playing together on the grassy banks, rolling down the sand dunes and splashing in the ponds in the Asia section of Dubai Safari.

Named moon bears because of the crescent on their chest, with each one uniquely shaped like a finger print, they are easy to identify.

Their back story ensures they will always hold special memories for Mr Husband.

“It is hard to pick one favourite animal, but the four moon bear cubs are special,” he said.

“We found them in a bear farm in Korea three years ago when they were destined to be someone’s dinner.

“Now they are fully grown and enjoying life here. When you see them, you feel like we have done something really special for them.

“It is one of the things I enjoy doing, walking around the park and calling in to see how they are doing.”


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Enclosures have been purpose built to withstand the harsh summer heat of the UAE, with frozen underground pipes keeping rocks cools, air conditioning for all the animals, whist vapour sprays and chilled ponds keep them refreshed during intense temperatures.

“Our vision for this project is to offer a highly engaging edutainment experience that fosters education on animal welfare, inspires a sense of learning about wildlife diversity and raises awareness on what makes wildlife protection a top priority,” said Hussain Nasser Lootah, director-general of Dubai Municipality for communications and community sector.