Man molests 6-year-old on roof of Dubai building

At Dubai Criminal Court the defendant admitted to sexually assaulting the girl and said he had molested other children in the past

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A man molested a girl on the roof of a building in Hor Al Anz but denied showing her pornographic videos.

“I touched the girl but I didn't show her any pornography because I didn't possess any,” the 28-year Pakistani said to judges at Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday.

On May 10, the Indian girl, 6, was playing outside her home with children from her neighbourhood when the man approached her.
"She usually goes to play outside between four and 6pm but is always accompanied by the maid. That day she went without the maid, my wife and I were cooking and didn't notice when she left," her father, 40, said.

He said that shortly after his daughter went outside, a neighbour from one of the buildings opposite their house called him to say the girl had been molested.
"My wife rushed over and brought her home. She told me how he took her to the roof of the building and touched her underneath her clothes then showed her inappropriate clips," the father said.

"My daughter is not the first in the neighbourhood to be sexually abused by an unknown person, so I called police." He said his daughter told him the man who molested her spoke the same language as her.
A policeman said they received several reports from multiple people in the neighbourhood saying their children had been sexually assaulted after the family reported their incident.
"We started investigating and collecting evidence which lead us to the defendant," said the officer.

Police arrested him on July 5 and the policeman said that during questioning the defendant admitted to molesting a number of children in the neighbourhood.
The accused, who said he worked for a gas cylinder distribution company, admitted to being a repeat offender and to targeting young children.
In court on Sunday, the accused admitted to sexually assaulting the girl but denied possessing pornographic videos.

His verdict will be issued on February 18.