Lifeguard, worker jailed for sexually assaulting mentally disabled woman

Lifeguard and another worker at a building on the Palm Jumeirah have been jailed.

DUBAI// A swimming pool lifeguard and another worker at a Palm Jumeirah building were each sentenced to six months in prison after they took advantage of a mentally challenged 26-year-old Indian girl and attempted to have forceful sex with her, a court said this morning.

Ten minutes after the 35-year-old Filipino, JJ, followed the victim, BB, to the pool’s toilets and molested her, a Pakistani defendant followed BB to the toilets and tried to have sex with her as well, prosecution records say.

According to the victim’s psychiatrist, BB has the mental ability of a 10-year-old.

On the morning of December 30, BB was out walking her dog and had tried to use the toilets near the building’s pool when the assault took place, the court was told.

She told prosecutors when she tried to lock the bathroom door, JJ suddenly appeared and prevented her from closing the door.

“He kissed me on my lips, touched my body and private parts for about ten minutes and he said words I did not understand and then left,” said BB.

BB was still at the toilets when ZJ, 21, startled her as she washed her hands, touched her breast and tried to kiss her.

“He held my hand tight and asked me to do with him what I did with JJ,” she said. “What he asked was not allowed.”   

The victim’s mother said the building’s security guard, BB, came to the family’s apartment five minutes after her daughter arrived home. “He informed me that JJ told him ZJ molested my daughter and tried to have sex with her,” she testified.

The mother said she called the police and when they arrived, ZJ said JJ was the one who first molested her daughter. “Both of them started accusing each other and then [the victim] narrated what happened to the officers,” said the mother.

JJ informed a lifeguard that ZJ molested the girl which lead to both their arrests, records show. “I informed security when JJ said he took no action against ZJ,” said the mother.

Forensics reports said traces of semen was found on both defendants.

The girl’s psychiatrist 62, testified the victim could not sexually stimulate any man due to her condition.

Both men will be deported after completing their prison terms.

Published: November 13, 2011 04:00 AM


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