‘Large’ policeman sat on drugs suspect during arrest, Abu Dhabi court hears

The Criminal Court heard that the heavy-built officer had injured the defendant by sitting on him when he resisted arrest.

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ABU DHABI // A man could not have attacked three policemen while resisting arrest because a large officer was sitting on him at the time, a court heard on Monday.

M K, an Emirati, told the Criminal Court that he was getting out of his car about 1am when three men running towards him.

The defendant tried to escape but one of the officers, who was heavily built, tackled him to the ground and sat on him.

“I already had a limp and walked on crutches and this man was on top of me, so how could I have attacked them?” he said.

The policeman said he was injured after the defendant kicked his legs.

M K was arrested on drugs charges and with attacking policemen on duty.

“I was resisting because they did not reveal their identities,” he said. “I swear to Allah while I am fasting that he only said he was from the police after he knocked me down.

“They kept hitting me and then said ‘police’. If they were police, why were they in disguise?”

He said he was still receiving treatment in prison for a back injury received during the arrest.

The policeman told the court that the defendant had assaulted him with his legs, hands and head.

“And you did not hit him?” asked Chief Justice Sayed Abdul Baseer. The policeman said he did not, but he admitted to sitting on top of him.

Two of the policemen agreed to pardon the defendant for the attacks but the third, whom the court noted was “big in size and shape”, refused.

“We are in Ramadan, the month of forgiveness, so you won’t forgive him?” said Mr Abdul Baseer.

“No I will not forgive him,” said the officer. He said that during the arrest the defendant had threatened him with harm once he was released from prison.

A verdict is due on July 20.