Inside the Dh100m Sweden Beach Palace on Dubai's The World islands – in pictures

A snow room and freestanding marble bath in the master bedroom are some of the delights of this Dh100m property

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At a market value of Dh100 million and surrounded by 1,500-year-old trees imported from Andalucia, the Sweden Beach Palace is every bit the last word in luxury.

Getting to the island takes a 4 kilometre boat trip in to the Heart of Europe project – a six-island cluster in the middle of Dubai's The World islands.

At the moment it is a sea of construction work, but by 2020 the developers insist it will be something akin to a resort in the Maldives.

Inside the palace, life is as opulent as you might expect: the sofa cushion covers are made by Bentley, to give you an idea of the attention to detail.

The lower floor is home to an impressive gym, a sauna and a snow room, which pours ice from the ceiling forming a chilly pile taller than most people – there is no doubt that you are in the realm of the mega-rich here.

Upstairs, or up-lift (this is Dubai after all), lies the master bedroom. The view is nothing short of astonishing and there is an unusual circular bed and a freestanding bath – made from solid marble, naturally.

Up further, and there is an entire floor that could have been designed by a Bond villain. It is designed to mimic the stern of a Viking ship, and it sits around a model of the entire Heart of Europe project.

The room's 360-degree view is impressive, and it will be even more impressive when the construction work is done and there is only sea and sand on the horizon.

It isn’t hard to imagine this place being the location of choice for billionaires on New Year’s Eve as they party and toast their good fortune to own such a property.