Human resources conference opens today in Dubai

Experts will examine how to use the country's workforce to drive social and economic development.

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DUBAI // The inaugural International Human Resources and Exhibition conference, which begins today, promises to provide a comprehensive approach to HR development, a top official said yesterday.

The two-day event, being held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre and hosted by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), will evaluate how to use the workforce to drive social and economic development.

"I think human capital at large is an issue on the table for decision-makers at various levels, and I believe the challenges vary," said Dr Abdul Rahman al Awar, the director general of FAHR and head of the International Human Resources Conference's steering committee.

Dr al Awar said the region's economic realities require the Government and private sector to take a fresh look at the country's development goals. The conference will focus on strategic human resource development and management, as well as the principles of fostering talent and sustainable progress.

"One of the lessons we learned from the global economic crisis was that development should be led by creativity and the principle of sustainability," said Dr al Awar.

The conference should offer unique insights, given that it comes after two years of economic challenges, said Dr Khalid Othman al Yahya, a professor and the director of the governance and public management research programme at the Dubai School of Government.

"We used to talk about strategic plans, but not about the strategic thinking behind it, which we will discuss at the conference," said Dr al Yahya. "The global economic crisis and the challenges faced will allow the speakers to look at this subject in a new light."