'Camping with scorpions': Ruler of Dubai offers glimpse into childhood with new children's books

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid's 'My Little World' series features five tales of nature, wildlife and the wonders of the desert

A new series of books will give young people a glimpse into the life of the Ruler of Dubai's adolescent years.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid's My Little World collection is based on his early life experiences growing up in the 1950s and 1960s.

The titles include Camping With Scorpions and My Friend the Lion and are aimed at children aged 6 to 9.

Each introduces the reader to the nature and wildlife found in the desert by Sheikh Mohammed, who is also Vice President.

"Blending engaging storytelling with keen observations about human relationships, learning and the desert, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid recounts incidents and interactions in his early life that played a major role in shaping his outlook and values," Dubai Government Media Office said as the books were unveiled.

In a preface to the collection, Sheikh Mohammed talks about his youthful eagerness to "learn new skills and his indefatigable spirit of adventure, which helped him dream big".

The stories aim to convey to young readers that "great dreams have no limit", the media office said.

"The stories in the collection show his highness's profound outlook on life, love of nature as well as his humanity and strong values," said Mona Al Marri, director general of the office.

In January 2019, Sheikh Mohammed released an autobiography that charted his early years and the experiences and challenges he faced as an adult.

The book gives readers are remarkable glimpse into his time in England, where he was sent to learn English. He writes of embracing English manners and learning to love mashed potatoes.

He also writes of returning home to face the first crisis of the union and later of relations with some of the region's leaders.