Coronavirus: UAE's daily Covid-19 cases drop below 2,000

Recoveries exceeded new cases for the first time in three weeks

The UAE's daily Covid-19 cases fell to a two-month low on Sunday.

Officials confirmed 1,992 infections, as numbers dropped below 2,000 for the first time since January 5.

The latest figures brought the overall infection tally to 426,397.

A further 2,169 patients were given the all-clear as the recovery total climbed to 405,647.

Recoveries surpassed new cases for the first time since February 25.

The number of active cases across the Emirates stands at 19,355.

Case numbers have gradually declined in recent weeks, after hovering above 3,000 for much of the year.

Daily infection rates have remained below 3,000 for nine consecutive days.

During a televised briefing last week, officials welcomed the decline in cases.

"We are witnessing a gradual decrease in the infection rates over the past two weeks," an official said.

"[This is] a positive sign and a step to recovery and resuming normal life, which can be achieved by the co-operation and commitment of all."

Another seven people died, raising the death toll to 1,395.

The number of fatalities, however, was the lowest since February 23, when five deaths were announced.

The daily death rate hit a high of 20 on February 19.

An additional 232,901 tests were conducted as part of a mass screening drive.

Testing rates have remained above 200,000 for the past six days.

More than 33.8 million tests have been conducted nationwide since the outbreak began.

Along with an extensive testing strategy, widespread vaccination of the public is key to efforts to limit the spread of the virus.

Authorities said a further 24,189 doses of vaccine were administered in the past 24 hours.

More than 6.5 million doses have been given to members of the public since the nationwide inoculation campaign was launched in December.

This figure represents 66.13 shots per 100 people.

The UAE has one of the most successful Covid-19 vaccine programmes in the world, placing it third among all countries in doses administered for every 100 residents.

Globally, more than 120 million coronavirus infections have been recorded.

Of this number, more than 96 million patients recovered, while about 2.6 million have died.

There are more than 20 million active cases around the world.