Coronavirus: UAE reports 3,072 new Covid-19 cases and 10 deaths

Number of active cases increased to 14,677, up 1,036 from the day before

The UAE reported a rise in the number of new Covid-19 cases on Friday, as 3,072 infections were confirmed.

Another 2,026 patients were given the all-clear from the virus, increasing the overall recovery total to 389,304.

Until the announcement, case numbers in the country were below 3,000 for five consecutive days.

‏The Ministry of Health and Prevention said that it conducted 242,742 additional Covid-19 tests over the past 24 hours, one of the highest testing days to date.

The death toll increased to 1,296 as a further 10 people died from Covid-19.

The number of active cases in the country is now 14,677, up 1,036 from the day before, and the total number of recorded cases in the UAE is 405,277.

To date, more than 6.2 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered across the country with a rate of vaccine distribution of 63.04 doses per 100 people.
On Friday, the Ministry said that 31,312 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine were administered in the past 24 hours.

The vaccination drive is in line with the Ministry's plan to provide the vaccine to all members of society and acquire immunity, which will help reduce the number of cases and control the spread of the virus.

As cases of Covid-19 rise around the globe, the UAE is working to adjust regulations accordingly to curb the spread of the virus.

In Dubai, weekend brunches are suspended across the city and capacity in malls, hotels, beaches and pools is fixed at 70 per cent.

In Abu Dhabi, diners are limited to four people per table, even for family members living in the same home.

Malls are limited to 40 per cent capacity and restaurants, cafes, hotels and public beaches and parks cannot have more than 60 per cent of their typical visitors.

The global roll-out of vaccines against coronavirus has gathered pace since the start of the year.

While some countries in Europe are still in lockdown, governments announced a road map to suggest that an easing of restrictions will take place over the next few months.

Speaking to The National recently, Tony Douglas, chief executive of Etihad Aviation Group, said he expects the list of travel corridors between countries to grow this summer as the pace of Covid-19 vaccinations accelerates, herd immunity strengthens and rapid testing technology improves.