Coronavirus: Dubai closes more than 100 food outlets for breaching Covid-19 hygiene rules

Municipality conducts 10,481 inspections across Dubai in three months

Poor hygiene and ignoring strict social distancing rules forced the closure of 107 food outlets by Dubai Municipality over the past three months.

Food inspectors completed 10,481 spot checks on restaurants and kitchens across Dubai since May 27.

Although compliance of measures in place to limit the spread of Covid-19 reached 99 per cent more than a hundred were found breaking the rules.

“The most prominent offences detected were a failure to adhere to social distancing or not wearing personal safety equipment such as masks and gloves during food preparation,” said Sultan Al Taher, the municipality’s food inspection manager.

“Businesses were also found not to be using approved sterilisation and disinfection materials.

“The inspection teams conduct routine visits as well as checks based on consumer complaints and then impose fines where necessary.”

The municipality checks all food establishments in Dubai, including restaurants, cafeterias, cafes that offer food, grocery stores, supermarkets, and bakeries.

It also inspects and monitors delivery vehicles to ensure they are sterilised and maintain food safety measures after each order.

Delivery staff are checked to ensure they change masks and gloves after every order.

“The decision to close offending establishments is temporary until the cause  is rectified and conditions enhanced,” said Mr Al Taher.