Guidelines pegged in place by municipality

Abu Dhabi Municipality has outlined strict regulations for Ramadan tents.

ABU DHABI // Tents erected for the holy month must comply with strict municipality regulations on location, material and safety.

All iftar tents must be constructed on mobile bases, be made of fireproof material and have two separate exits. They must be equipped with fire extinguishers and first-aid kits.

"The tent must be consistent with the general appearance and must maintain an acceptable level of hygiene and cleanliness," a municipality official said. "It must be kept calm and not cause any nuisance to others."

Cooking utensils and equipment used to ignite coal are not permitted inside the tent, but many of them will offer shisha.

At the Grand Millennium Al Wahda, crews have begun putting up their two-part tent.

"We will be the best tent in Abu Dhabi. I am expecting that," said Sami Mousa, the hotel's security manager.

"Part of that is making sure all the safety and security considerations have been made."

Mr Mousa said his staff had completed training on fire safety and responding to an emergency.

The regulations include provisions on the contents of the tent. Electric bulbs should not touch the fabric of the tent or its columns, and the distance between them should not be less than 40cm.

Any kitchen or source of fire must be kept at least 20 metres away from the tent.

Each air-conditioning machine should have an automatic electric circuit breaker and electrical cables must be covered.

Permit holders are also required to show the design and location of their tents to ensure the structure will not obstruct roads, building entrances, parking spaces or emergency exits.

Tents must be made to municipal standards to ensure they will not collapse, the official said.

They cannot be built on property belonging to anyone other than the permit applicant.

The municipality has not outlined specific penalties or fines for violations.

Published: July 24, 2011 04:00 AM


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