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Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid sets 'move ahead' agenda for new season

Improving Emiratisation, responding to complaints and leaving foreign diplomacy to those in charge were among the six points he made

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, releases an open letter offering advice to government officials and addressing the public. Wam
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, releases an open letter offering advice to government officials and addressing the public. Wam

UPDATE: UAE Cabinet to meet on Sunday to discuss points made in Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid's open letter

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid released an open letter directed at the UAE’s ministers, government officials, leaders and the general public ahead of the "new season", on Saturday.

In the signed document, addressed to his “brothers and sisters”, the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai made six main points.

The first was about the work of UAE government officials, whom he said belonged in the field speaking to the public to report their needs.

“We want to see them between students and teachers, with widows and mothers, among the elderly, with the sick and in hospitals between doctors and workers. We want to see them there and hear from them from among the people rather than in conferences that have increased and consumed resources and the energy of those in charge,” he said in the letter shared on Twitter.

“We are a government of achievements and not a government of conferences.”

Second, he said stirring up chaos on social media undermines the achievements of the work of thousands of teams.

He said the UAE’s reputation was not to be used as a means of gaining more followers. “We have a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation responsible for managing our external affairs, speaking on our behalf and expressing our position on foreign policies.

“We will not allow a group of Twitter users to mess with Zayed’s legacy of credibility and love and respect for people. The good image of the UAE and the Emiratis must remain bright as Zayed wanted and built.”

Sheikh Mohammed’s third point targeted Emiratisation, which he said would see changes that made it more effective.

“The number of complaints have increased and we hear it. And the level of satisfaction the people have with dealing with those in charge has decreased, and we have observed it. Providing jobs for Emiratis was and remains a priority.”

He said there would be a renewed push this season to further Emiratisation which will come with new decisions.

The fourth note addressed the UAE’s economy. Sheikh Mohammed said the UAE’s competitiveness was improving along with the country’s foreign trade.

“However, we are not a country that moves according to the average economic rates, we are a country that seeks to make economic leaps.

“In the coming period, we need to be involved in quality projects and exceptional ideas to advance our economy. Real estate projects need to be revamped to bring added value to the national economy so they do not become a burden and a source of imbalance in our economic process.”

Sheikh Mohammed’s penultimate point addressed a point he frequently makes: the quality of government services.

“We have repeated this tens of times to everyone: the goal of the government is to serve the people. And unfortunately the demands of the people have increased on TV programmes and other means of communication but some officials do not have the nerve to deal with the requests or even to respond to their questions. I know there are challenges but avoiding them does not solve them.”

He said the entity that is afraid to face people is an institution that has lost its self-confidence and called for every complaint to be met with respect and a willingness to solve the issues presented.

Sheikh Mohammed ended his letter on a more optimistic note, saying what was yet to come would be better and greater. “We are one of the readiest countries for the future and among the most competitive in the region.

“We are the fastest growing country in a number of projects. We are the most advanced state in government management and we are the best country in adopting future technology.

"More importantly, we are a country that has the courage to face facts, review and continually adjust strategies to quickly move ahead towards the future.”

Updated: September 1, 2019 04:23 PM

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