Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 23 November 2020

Emiratis give online government services resounding thumbs up

The 2016 Digital Government Survey found that 92 per cent of people living in the Emirates believe the government’s online services had gotten better, with weekly use of services increasing by 40 per cent.

DUBAI // The UAE Government’s online services have improved since 2014, and are being used by more people more often, a survey suggests.

The 2016 Digital Government Survey found that 92 per cent of Emiratis said the services had improved, with weekly use increasing by 40 per cent.

The Boston Consulting Group’s survey also found 89 per cent of UAE citizens use three or more devices to go online.

Emiratis are highly satisfied with real-time public information (77 per cent) and using e-gates at borders (76 per cent).

But they were most dissatisfied with applying for or renewing a driver’s licence, at 63 per cent, or registering for or using a job search (65 per cent).

Young, low-income and part-time employed Emiratis were the least satisfied with online government services.

The study was based on 13,570 respondents across 21 countries using 26 online services.

“The proliferation of technology is evident by the substantial increase in the frequency of use of digital government services when compared to 2014,” said Rami Mourtada, of the group’s Middle East offices.

“The adoption of internet services has seen a particularly high growth in wearable devices. This points towards the need to advance and increase channels for citizens to access government service.”


Updated: June 12, 2017 04:00 AM