Dubai Police recruitment drive aims to employ 200 Emiratis within hours

Targeting unemployed Emiratis, the recruitment drive was split into five stages and applicants would find out within hours if they had been accepted into the force.

DUBAI // More than 120 Emiratis were hoping to join the police force on Wednesday – and it took each one of them less than two hours to apply.

The recruitment campaign was held by Dubai Police in cooperation with Tanmia, the National HR Development and Employment Authority, at the Dubai Police Officers’ Club. There were 200 jobs available and prospective police officers found out within two hours if they had made the cut.

Brig Ahmed Rafih, director of human resources at Dubai Police, said the 200 available positions comprised the ranks of private, private first class, corporal and corporal first class.

By early afternoon, more than 120 of the positions had been applied for.

Dubai Police chief, Maj Gen Khamis Mattar Al Muzeina, said the event was an opportunity to allow those who were unemployed and had no income to have a job, adding that they also hired those with special needs.

Abdullah Ghobash, Minister of State, said: “It is the right of every Emirati citizen to have a job in his country. This is what the initiatives of Tanmia strive to do.”

Published: May 28, 2014 04:00 AM