Former MI6 spymaster to speak of future global threats at Dubai security summit

Alex Younger to address global Intersec gathering in January

Britain’s former MI6 spymaster will use a Dubai conference to share insights on how to protect the public from potential security risks.

Sir Alex Younger retired last year after being appointed chief of MI6 in 2014, making him the longest-serving chief of the UK’s intelligence service in 50 years.

Mr Younger will for the first time be speaking in the UAE, at Intersec, an emergency services, security and safety event to be held in Dubai from January 16 to 18.

“The Middle East has always fascinated me – the ever-shifting intricate dynamics of geopolitical relationships in the region and the impact they have internationally create a complex security landscape that I have been immersed in for much of my career,” Mr Younger said.

The conference, he said, would help share knowledge “on the protection of citizens from existing and future threats and I look forward to sharing my perspective on a topic which remains a global priority”.

Mr Younger’s views will be of particular interest to an international audience at the three-day event because he served both as a diplomat and undercover operative with MI6.

He was also posted to the Middle East in sensitive role, including as a senior officer in Afghanistan.

Mr Younger will speak at the global security leaders’ summit, one of six conferences that will focus on global initiatives, strategy and co-operation to promote safety.

The event is being held at the Dubai World Trade Centre under the theme of "Uniting the world’s leading industry specialists for the safety and security of future generations".

Updated: November 21st 2021, 2:29 PM