FNC seeks action on rising food prices in UAE

The council has repeatedly complained about increasing food prices, warning the Government of 'negative effects of this phenomenon'.

ABU DHABI // The Minister of Economy will be questioned about rising food prices by the Federal National Council today.
Hamad Al Rahoumi (Dubai) will tell Sultan Al Mansouri that price increases are "causing problems for families, particularly those of low income", especially during holiday periods.

Food prices increased last Ramadan, according to statistics from the Dubai Department of Economic Development.

“What is the Ministry of Economy doing to stabilise food prices?” Mr Al Mansouri will ask.

“Local shops have recently seen inflation in prices without having an approval from the Ministry of Economy.”

The ministry regularly warns  shops to keep prices stable but none had been fined, he said. The result was that they considered themselves free to flout the rules.

The FNC has repeatedly complained about increasing food prices, warning the Government of “negative effects of this phenomenon”.

It has also recently addressed rising petrol prices.

The Minister of Justice, Dr Hadef Al Dhaheri, will also be questioned about the failure to set up a dispute resolution panel in Al Dhaid.

A 2001 law requires all courts to have such a panel, but Al Dhaid still does not.

“All other courts have them, so why not this one?” Musabah Al Ketbi (Sharjah) will ask.

He believes the absence of such a panel has led to a heavier workload for the courts.

Instead of cases being dealt with outside the court quickly, people involved in court actions either have to go through a lengthy court procedure or make the long journey to Sharjah.

Dr Al Dhaheri will also be asked by Ahmad Al Zaabi (Sharjah) about the new Dh350-per-case fee being charged by the judicial eServices.

The fee contravenes the constitution, he said, which states in article 133 that “no one may be required to pay money or fees or federal returns only in the limits of the law and in accordance with its provisions”.

The session will be open to the public, starting at 9am at the FNC's headquarters in Abu Dhabi.