Five men jailed for teen prostitution ring

The gang, from Bangladesh, were arrested in a police sting operation

Five men have each been sentenced to five years in prison for trafficking teenage girls from Bangladesh to work as prostitutes in the UAE.

Dubai Criminal Court heard how the defendants initially promised the four victims well paid jobs but later forced them into the sex trade.

In March last year, a member of the public tipped off police that a teenage girl was working at a nightclub in the city.

After launching an undercover sting operation, officers raided the premises in Al Muraqabbat and arrested the gang.

“During the raid we found the four teens and 14 other women working as dancers and prostitutes,” an Emirati policeman told the court.

The five men, all aged between 20 and 39 and all from Bangladesh, denied trafficking the women in a court appearance in May.

Prosecutors revealed how they doctored the age given on the girls’ passports to help them enter the UAE.

Following the police raid, the four teenage victims were referred to Dubai Foundation for Women and Children.

“I’m supporting a family of 10 back home, so when I was faced with working as a prostitute I couldn’t do anything,” said one of the girls, 17.

“We were told we would prostitute ourselves in return for Dh2,000 a month,” said a second victim.

On Tuesday, the court found all four defendants guilty of trafficking. The men can appeal their sentence within 15 days.

Published: September 24, 2019 04:30 PM